Minimum height for camera

Was playing around on the platform and discovered that no matter how low I set the camera, the view is reset as if there’s a minimum camera height. I am building a room model and everything is scaled down by a factor of 0.5

Attached a screenshot here for reference.
(left:edit mode, right: screenshot of the play view on PC), problem persist even in Cospaces Android app.

Hi @Jon93,

If you want the Camera to scale down, you need to attach it to a scaled item (in which case you need to override the controls to move the Item instead of the camera, which will be Fixed Position). You’re also probably using the Walk camera movement which has a default height of 1.7m, whereas Fly can go down to 0m.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further queries.

Geoff @ TechLeap

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hi @techleapnz

Thanks so much for the speedy response. I wasn’t aware that walk camera is locked to default of 1.7m, swapping to Fly mode helps to override the issue.

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All good. If my post above resolves your issue, please mark it as the Solution.

Many thanks,

I finally found the answer to my problem as well. I didn’t know there is a default height to the walk camera!

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