Mixed Reality support for Cospaces

Hi There!

I´ve been giving workshops with cospaces for over a year now, i always combine the workshops with a Hololens so i can show them every digital layer if you will. Starting of in AR mode with cospaces, then VR for cospaces and then something else to show Mixed Reality on the Hololens.

I would love to see Mixed Reality being added into the Cospaces Universe, is there any change i will?

Would love to hear your guys´s thoughts.


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Hi Matthijs,

I also use gospaces with AR and VR. Also I use a lot Hololens in education. I use SketchUp with my students. What dor software do you use with Hololens? I work and life in the Netherlands. Let’s make contact.

Hi Ewout!

We’ve been using our own developed application called Blockybuilder. A fairly simple yet fun game our students can play coöperatively. In a nutshell, they have a selection of 9 different blocks which they can use to build inside the classroom. Mostly we either combine this to a certain theme or we challenge them to build a bridge, for example.

I would love to hear how you implement MR into the educational field. If you want you can mail me at matthijs@kleinkunstig.nl so we can talk further.