Mouse Collision

Im making a camera system in my game but i dont want the player to click a button to go into them. I want to how to make a collision between the player mouse and a block called (CamButtonUse) which move a block up (CamUsing). I dont know any code language so it will be very nice to help me ;). (Also i want to be able to ctrl c ctrl v the code so please enter the code in the message you respond to me please)Have a great day!(also sorry if my english is bad cause its not my main language)

You can use the hover condition.

from cospaces import *
import math
import random

CamButtonUse = scene.get_item("uhtEYDJD")
CamUsing = scene.get_item("roLhxOzS")

def function(z):
    z = 0


You should change the IDs of the BaseItem variables to match the targeted item in the scene
This is an example (with Python and CoBlocks)

Hope this helps, as this is my first time helping with codes.

Thank you so much! This exactly how I imagine it. Its perfect. :ok_hand: