Move the camera and the characters inside a 360° photo


Hi, I’m Rita. I’m building a virtual escape room in Cospaces, I uploaded my 360° photo of a castle but I can’t see the camera inside the scene and I can’t put it in the right position. Similarly I can’t see the stage of the scena on which put and move the characters. Can you help me? Thankyou very much.


Your best bet for moving the camera would be to create multiple cameras and have the view jump from camera to camera based on clicking certain points.


Thankyou very much, but the problem is this: I have create a second camera but when I click on it to move inside the scene, the camera disappears and I can’t see where it is. This problem doesn’t happen when I create a scene with Cospaces environments. What’ wrong in my action? Thankyou very much


Hi @maria_rita_manzoni,

If you want to switch scenes by clicking on items we recommend using simple shapes or images and use CoBlocks on them. At the start of the scene, camera-items are made invisible since we consider them utility-items (items are not seen during play mode).

Check out our 360 tour template! You can remix the space below to learn how to connect scenes with each other using CoBlocks and different items :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Stefan. I remixed the 360° template that you sent me and I have understood how to connect scenes but my problem remains inside the single scene.
I send you an example of a 360° image uploaded. I have to put inside a character shot by the main camera and than when the character moves, shot by a second camera. Where do I have to put the character and the second camera? Inside the space that I marked with red lines to show you or not? Thankyou very much for your help.


Hi @maria_rita_manzoni,

Switching cameras in 360 scenes is not possible. You’re always looking through one single camera.

What effect would you like to achieve? If you want to create a ‘different perspective’, you could move and rotate the items to different locations via CoBlocks :slight_smile:


Thankyou Stefan, I’ll try to take your advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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