Moving Around in Creation Mode

I’m relatively new to creating CoSpaces and I’m finding it cumbersome to moving around my own workspace as I create - getting close enough to things on the canvas in particular. In a way I wish I could move as freely as I do in ‘play’ mode being able to move forward, backward, etc. Has anyone seen any good tutorials or does anyone have any suggestions for getting better at this? I wonder if I’m missing some keyboard or mouse shortcuts that would help me. Thanks!

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Hi @dannymaas!

Below are some useful techniques to navigate your scene during the creation (build-) mode.

  • You can use shortcut V (or double tap on the item in the item hierarchy) to focus on an item.
  • You can hold the spacebar while dragging over the scene to drag the camera position over the ground

We noticed that navigating scenes in other camera modes (like the fly-mode) is much more fun! We’re looking into ways to make the building mode navigation more friendly to use :slight_smile: