Multiple collision events with multiple cameras

When the player enters the space, a random camera (out of 4 cameras) is chosen (the white shapes were put there so we could check and make sure that the random code was working and they will be removed before the scene is released). There are 4 doors to collide with; one leads to the next scene and the other 3 lead to ‘deded’. Additionally two monsters will be added which if you collide with them you go to ‘deded’. This is a lot of collision events and the collision code is not working correctly. I checked the forum and there was a recommendation to make the a ‘list’ of the objects but since different collisions lead to different outcomes, we are unsure how to accomplish this.

Here you go @TechWarriors, can’t have multiple collision event for 1 item, but there is the “when collides with another item” event which go’s off whenever an item collides with your camera, then by using an if else statement you can check if the item is a good door or bad door. Here I put all the bad doors into a list and check if the item is contained within the list since all would lead to the same scene.

You are wonderful Luc! Thank you so much.