Multiple scenes on MergeCube


Our school has just purchased some mergecubes to use with CoSpaces. At the moment we can only get one scene onto the cube. How do you get a scene showing on each side as shown in the teaser video?


Hi @iaincb,

the ability to build on all sides of the cube will come with the CoSpaces Merge Cube Edition later this fall!


Oh, this is a very cool and interactive experience that seems to me to be effective in the learning process, what do you say after using the merge cube ? changes in the learning process? Do you know that you can create your own idea of ​​a mobile app for merge cube ? ( )


The examples you’ve shown in the link are exactly the kind of experiences your students will be able to create on their own with the CoSpaces Merge Cube Edition :slight_smile:


“Later this Fall” means October? :grinning:


Do you know when approximately it will be released?? :slight_smile: