My game wont work

I’ve been making a game where it makes a cube that is made of smaller cubes and you can change attributes like the size or the color but when i remade a function the entire thing stopped working and would only put blocks on one spot the old variable is still there but I don’t know what the difference is can someone help here’s the link CoSpaces Edu :: hello

Hi @Matthew_Leach, looking at your code, I think you could simplify things:

  1. Move your Capsule click event out of the forever loop - these event blocks are ALWAYS listening and do not need to be constantly declared.

  2. Look at where your code is getting stuck in the CoBlocks Debugger

  3. Have a think about how you debug the steps your code is taking and get more clarity on what is happening. Could you use the Print CoBlock and Debug Console to output information?

  4. Have a think about how you could print out 1 cube at a time, in the right place, rather than lots in the wrong place.

Debugging builds brains, which is why I’m supporting you with this, rather than fixing it for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Geoff @ TechLeap

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