Need help with javascript code

I have a third person camera for a game and would like to know how to attach the character to the camera (not the other way around) I would like to have the character rotate I currently have this code `let turnSpeed = Math.PI/100;
Camera.focusedItem.transition.rotateLocal(new Vector3(0,0,1), turnSpeed, 0.1)},

Camera.focusedItem.transition.rotateLocal(new Vector3(0,0,1), -turnSpeed, 0.1)},
“e”);` and would like to have the character which has the name “zomo” to rotate with the camera

Hi @duskk,

You can place the zomo object on the scene where you want him to be. And then attach object to a camera with following code:

let zomo = Scene.getItem("zomoobjname");