New License options


So, I have users who were on the 2 month trial and that has since expired. When they login it says it has expired and everything is view only. How do they get reset to use the new “free version”?



Hey Mario,

Next to where it says the trial has expired, there should be a view options tab. If they select this, they can then “leave license plan” which will give them access to Basic Edu only.



I have the same issue of an expired license and wanting to go back to basic. I do not have the “view options” though


Are you using mobile device to access CoSpaces, Jacob_Amstutz?

Currently “View options” button is not visible on mobile devices, but you should be able to see and click it if you login to from any web browser on your desktop computer.

For your convenience we just manually activated “Basic” plan on your account. Feel free to tell us if you have any other issues.