Not able to import STL files

Hi, I’m trying to upload STL files from thingiverse by dragging into my space. A box will pop up that says “custom model upload” and “Uploading model” but it won’t ever actually upload. Sometimes I’ll get an error message that says “failed to upload”. My students are designing spaces and since they are younger (8-10 years old) in many cases it will be much easier for them to be able to upload ready made 3D objects than build everything from scratch.


Hi Lead_LA,
When I uploaded my .stl (which was a size of 5mb) nothing would come up either. But when I reuploaded I just had to wait a while to upload .stl . When an stl is uploaded all the information for all the points are transferred in the case of my skeleton more than 17000 points had to be calculated in cospaces in order to show the object itself. My recommendation would be to upload the file and then wait a while (I waited 10min for the upload to finish completely).
Take a look at my space: