Not able to use share codes after latest iPad app update?

This year I have taught roughly 500 3rd and 4th grade students (fully virtual and fully in-person) how to use and code within CoSpaces. It has been an absolute hit with my kiddos, but we’re recently run into a problem.

When my students share their projects and type their share codes into the app our our iPads, we are told that it is the wrong project code. The same project code is working just fine on our Android tablets. I’m stumped - any thoughts?

By the way, my students are THRILLED to now have the jump button in tablet and VR mode. I have many students making parkour courses who were so bummed when they couldn’t jump in these modes. Great update!

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Hi @wyliemedia,

We’ve been testing the codes on our side and they should be working as usual. Are you sure that your students are entering the 6 letter share code? Sometimes there can be a mix-up between the different codes (such as the class code or login code) :slight_smile:

Here’s where and how the share codes for spaces is used:

Hope this helps!

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They were definitely using the share codes :slightly_smiling_face: I even tested it with my own example project and ran into the same issue on a student iPad. We have the latest version of the app (per our tech dept’s check this AM), so I’m not sure if the update has anything to do with it?

I just tried again with a student iPad and encountered the same issue. We are using iPad Airs running iOS 12.5.3

Here’s what I’m seeing on our end. Working fine on an Android phone, but not on our iPads…

Hi @wyliemedia,

Thank you so much for your detailed response! I’m forwarding this to our developers for further investigation.