Nothing important, just some advice for the CoSpaces Gallery feed

Hi, I used CoSpaces for quite a while. If you used CoSpaces for a period of time, you should know NixonLiStudentAccount and CoRichardLi, which are my two accounts.
Here I just wanna give some suggestions to the CoSpaces Team about improving the Gallery.

  1. I suggest to add a comments section under each CoSpace so people can give ideas and opinions about the space creators published. I particularly want this feature as I publish games regularly and I need people to give me comments on my games.
  2. It would be nice too if the gallery can be divided into “Recent” and “Popular” categories so that recent publications and popular ones will not be mixed up when people (such as me) would just want to find something new to play.

Just my two cents on the Gallery. I hope your team would reply on whether my ideas work.

Thank you for spending time for reading this nevertheless. Oh also a promotion – my Minigame Ep.6 Enemy Bombard will be out on 22 June 13:15 HKT. Please check it out when it releases, it’s my first ever RPG :slight_smile:

Thank you ambassadors and people for your attention.

NixonLiStudentAccount X CoRichardLi
CoSpace Gallery contributor :heart:

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Yes I definitly agree⭐️

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Thanks for your suggestion! It’s a great idea and has been passed on to our team for consideration :slight_smile:

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Thank you for replying :heart:

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