Object on Forever Loop on Loop 3 times

My student has coded this scene to have a series of vehicles to run on a loop. However the loop only runs three times before everything comes to a hault. Here’s the remix link. CoSpaces Edu :: Old School Game


Swap the ‘forever’ and ‘run parallel’ blocks.

Put multiple ‘forever’ blocks into one ‘run parallel’ block.

Then it will be resolved.

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Thank you for the response but it still did not fix the problem. The game can be found and remixed from here CoSpaces Edu :: Stratton's Old School Game

I took a look at your remix of cospace.

There was no problem with block coding.

You just turned on the physics engine for some car objects.

If the car’s physics engine is turned on, objects cannot move to the end of the path.

So it stopped. Disabling the physics engine for all car objects will solve the problem.

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