Objects from "Sketchfab"?

Hello, the first 3D object I have imported was perfectly visible with the merge. But all the following objects (25-30 tries of different files) were all refused by the system for 3 reasons: size (over 50 Mo, failure with connection and impossible). But the files are of the same category of the first. They are from “Sketchfab”.

Thank you to support me.

François, History teacher of Belgium

Hi @Francois_Hardy,

Could you share some of the files you have trouble uploading with us? We’d like to take a look at them and see what’s wrong.

Hello, thank you for your reply,

this object is perfect on the merge cube:

This one is white and incomplete:

This one is not working:

Neither this one…

Is it possible to upgrade size of the files to 100 Mo?

The “stela of Seter” is simply too large but some files under 50 Mo are not working, but I don’t understand why.

This one is 21 Mo but not working …

the message I can read

Hi @Francois_Hardy,

The upload limit of models is 50MB. We currently do not support upload of larger files as they may cause issues with loading on mobile devices.

The files you are trying to upload are very large and not optimized for use in 3D “real time” viewing. Here are some ways to solve your upload issues:

Look for items that have a triangle count below 250.000
Some of the items above have up to, or over 1 million triangles. Reducing the size of these items is only possible in 3D editing applications such as Blender, Cinema4D, 3Ds Max or Maya.

Use lower-resolution textures
When you download the Sketchfab files and unzip them, you find that the textures have a very large resolution (4096x4096). Reducing the size of these textures, to 1024x1024 or 512x512 significantly improves performance.

Thank you, I will try these ways to achieve my projects :slight_smile:

I tried in Blender for an hour but unsuccessfully. Do you have a tutu link to help me please?