Objects transformation

Dear all,

I would like to create a motor in my cospace.

I would like to transform a cylinder object. Is there a way to cut the object in half for example?

I am trying to use the mask setting but it is covering some parts of the objects that are not supposed to be covered.

Thanks for your help.

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Here is is how it appears on execution mode.

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You can build it in TinkerCAD.com, then upload it to your cospace.
Good luck.

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@aneontherocks To make a cut I use Blender.
I have created a tutorial for you that I’m attaching here.
Let me know and possibly mention if I have solved the problem, better, if this solves your problem, please mark this post as the Solution.

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Thank you very much @tajajtsidi and @Code_Prof_Channel.

As I don’t have Blender installed I’m trying by TinkerCAD, but I still need to learn how to cut the object in half.

Any tips are welcome.

Thanks for your attention.

Ok so now I have installed Blender,

but I don’t see any eyedropper or cutting option in the modifier menu.


Here is your request for TinkerCAD.

Good luck.

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Thank you, that solved my problem.

As mentioned in your other post, you can create such an object in CoSpaces, using building blocks in Library > Building, but unless you have guidelines, it is very difficult to get precision to get the perfect axis and rotation.

You can see an example in this remixable space, but the pivot point is still slightly off-centre:

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Hi @techleapnz

Could you please show us how did you build the object inside CoSpaces?


Hi @aneontherocks,

As mentioned, I used building blocks in Library > Building to create the object, and grouped it. You can see which Building Items I used by remixing the project, looking in the Scene Inspector and clicking the triangle next to “Aro3”.

Also see my tutorial on how to select and group multiple items:

Hope this helps!


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