OMG! Animated 3D models are now supported!

With recent update, it is now possible to import 3D models in FBX format with animations.
For example, 3D model animations downloaded via Mixamo will work.

Also, the specifications of supported 3D models have become very diverse.

Previously, if only 3D models with materials comparable to Tinkercad could be imported,
You can now import most models from professional 3D model sharing sites such as Sketchfab.

​Below is a work composed of 3D models downloaded from sites such as Sketchfab and Mixamo.
Now students can create richer works with various 3D models!!

Many thanks to the Cospaces Edu Team.

Here is my sample space:


Hurrah! Waiting for this for soooooo long! Thanks CoSpaces team!


Do you have trouble importing from Mixamo? Some models don’t import and most import but with errors in the textures. Is this normal?

I had very little trouble importing from Mixamo into Cospaces.

Rather, there were many problems with 3D models not being uploaded from Sketchfab to Mixamo.

I haven’t tested everything yet, but Cospaces’ ability to import 3D models has improved significantly compared to before.