Open Brush and Shapes XR on Quest | import files

Hi, for a project, I am playing around with Open Brush and Shapes XR on Quest 3 at the moment. Both let you export files in different formats.
I managed to import a colored Open Brush export by first uploading it to Sketchfab and then downloading the glb file that I uploaded to CoSpaces.
However, I would like to bypass Sketchfab as learners would have to register. I tried exporting to the Quest and the importing the glb file from the Quest’s storage but it doesn’t seem to work.
I was also playing around with ShapesXR but the gltf files I can export from it won’t import to CoSpaces at all. If I upload the model to Sketchfab and then download the glb file it works.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

The ideal scenario would be that learners can export from Open Brush to the Quest directly without creating an account and then either import their creation to CoSpaces or even print it with a 3D printer.

As for ShapesXR, it only seems to work with an account but I might be able to find a solution to provide accounts. However, I would like to import the gltf file to CoSpaces Edu or print it. Tried an online converter but that didn’t work.


Funny how sometimes just asking a question helps you find the solution :slight_smile: - or at least partly.

I did find this converter that does let me convert the downloaded files both from the Quest’s storage and from the website and import them to CoSpaces without using Sketchfab.

Still wondering if there is a more elegant solution, but it might just work like this.

Actually, if you download the ShapesXR gltf and don’t try to import the file using the upload button but simply drag the zip folder into CoSpaces it does work perfectly well :smiley:

I have a clunky workflow (because our local network denies cloud storage for GSketch) that nevertheless works. We run classes of 15 or so through this at one time, and all you need are a lot of cables and patience.

In Gravity Sketch, Export the file. We’ve been using OBJs to prototype this, but I’ll be testing FBX soon. You will probably need to recenter the design and modify the Up Axis before export, depending on where and how the model was built/oriented.
Save the design to the Headset.
Plug in USB to Headset
Plug into PC
Oculus will have option to allow access to Files. Select Allow.
PC will add drivers and ready the Headset as a source in File Explorer.
In File Explorer go to;
This PC\Quest 2\Internal shared storage\Gravity Sketch\Exported Sketches
There all exports will be listed as ZIP folders.
Copy to … on your computer.
Disconnect the Headset.
In File Explorer, open the copied ZIP folder and extract both the MTL and OBJ files (there are only two files in the folder).
In CoSpaces, Upload - 3D models – Upload. Select BOTH the files for the object; one is the object, the other is the skin/colour.
After a short while, your Object will be available, exactly as drawn, in CoSpaces.

Depending on the complexity of the model the upload to CoSapce could take a while… our longest is 15 minutes.

Still some troubleshooting involved, but it’s relatively easy.