Orienting imported characters

Hello - new to CoSpaces here. My students have created creatures in Tinkercad, and we’d like to have them move in CoSpaces. When I import an object, I can’t see a way to change the orientation to define what “forward” is - no matter how I play around with it, forward results in a lateral move. Is there a way to define the front/forward of an imported character so they will “look forward” in the same way characters created in CoSpaces do?


Hi @Nate_Gordon , this is a common issue with imported objects. To work around this, you can attach your object to an other object in the library and set its opacity to 0% then move this object as you want.

I hope it helps. Good luck.

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Thank you! I had tried that - but just realized that I had to attach my object to a library object - I had done it the other way around - and code the library invisible object, not the imported one. Thank you!

Maybe a better way to solve this, before exporting it from tinkercad, look to the top left corner. There is a cube there, that moves around when you turn around in the scene in tinkercad. This cube specifies what the front, top, back etc of your object is! So if you make sure that while still in tinkercad, the orientation there is correct, it will work when you import it into cospaces too!

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Great!! @Noralie Have tested this way?

I work a lot with tinkercad also, and it works exactly like that ^^

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