Physics Blockly Blocks acting at the same time

Hello everyone,
I decided to shift my focus to something a bit more physics related and start coding some projectile motion into the mix. My attempt was to run 2 physics push blocks with a execute in parallel to create the effect of both vectors acting on the ball at the same time like a regular throw. But when I run the code, the ball only gets pushed in one direction (up or forward) not both (The weight of my ball is 1kg). Is it possible or is it that the effect is happening but my values are too little? Below is a screenshot of my code:
My Variable Values are set at 10 vertical and 10 horizontal by default at the top of my code

Quick Update:
I have found the solution to my issue that was to push the ball in which I renamed stone toward a position given by the variables looking like this:
The premise of the code is that the “math” function I made is carried out to define the variables in the push block. The variables create a set of coordinates in which can be changed with the aid of buttons next to the camera. This means that the trajectory of the rock can be changed and then the rock will then follow that changed path.
If you wish to experience this space for yourself here is the link:
Instruction (cuz I have not added any on my space):

Method 1:
Select the angle by pressing the angle increments on the appropriate sign (labeled Angle in degrees)
Select the initial velocity by pressing the velocity increment on the appropriate sign (labeled Initial Velocity)
Press Go ! located in front of you to launch the rock
Turn around 180 degrees to see the stats of the rocks projectile motion
The reset button (under you) sets all the variables back to zero

Method 2:
Select the vertical velocity by pressing the buttons at the appropriate sign (labeled Vertical Velocity)
Select the horizontal velocity by pressing the buttons at the appropriate sign (labeled Horizontal Velocity)
Press Go! to see rock fly
Turn around to see maths
The reset button (under you) sets all the variables back to zero

Have fun!

Hello, I made a vr video using the software co spaces edu. I try to watch the video through virtual reality glasses. However, the slides do not pass and it
remains only on the first slide. What is the function by which the slides can be moved automatically? Thanks a lot, nava

Hello Nava,
Thank you for replying to my post but I do not seem to understand your issue. How are you making your presentation ? Can you share your space so that I may advise better ?

How do you code a ball to roll down a hill object?

Hi Stephanie,
There are so many ways you can do it. For example you can add physics blocks and make the ball roll down the hill or you can move it move to a set of coordinates.
In my space all I did was add physics to the platform then set it to static and then physics for the ball and as you can see it rolls down the hill

I’m really interested in your project. So excited. I’ve seen the wonderful VR SIMULATION. I wanted to copy what you made. I would like to ask you a few questions. In the second scene, if you put a mouse around the cactus, it gets smaller and bigger. How do you do this?
And at first, it falls in a lot of clouds, and I wonder about that too. Can I see a screenshot of the code? It’s a place that hasn’t stopped so much, so I wanted to pursue it, but I lack the skills. I need your help.

Hello Jeongmin Park,
Thank you so much for all you wonderful compliments about my work. A great way to find all my code and the scenes would be to join my examples class.
The code to join is : XJ7KN
You will find an “Assignment” where you can view, edit and copy the space in which you are keen to learn upon.
I hope you find this helpful

Thank you so much. I’m really appreciate you. Thank you.

I have a question. Do you use the function " keypad " on the code number 1? But can you use the " keypad " function without defining the function separately?

And if you look at number two, is it true that " Imperials? = 1 " means " If you typed the key as Imperial? "

And if it is " 0, " does it mean it is not? (i.e. " Metric ")

I am not good at coding. So I ask for your help. I think you’re the expert.
I am learning hard. But it’s too difficult.

Hello Jeongmin,
The function "keypad’’ is defined if you look at the bottom of the code, right click on the Keypad Purple Block and click expand block. You can then see how I defined it.

As for the imperial = 1 or 0, it just converts your metric height into imperial height by the touch of the button. For example if you were to type 186 into the keypad and then click the imperial it will read 6.09 feet.

I really enjoy your hard work and perseverance keep it up. I speak from experience when I say coding is hard and takes a lot of practice. Do not worry you will get used to it eventually


Thank you very much for your kind explanation. I’m glad I met such a wonderful teacher.