Please help? Deleted projects, errors with Cospaces, devastated studemts

Please help? Is there any way to recover these lost projects? This is weeks or months of work and so much hard work in preparation for our exhibition to parents this Wednesday. These students are absolutely devastated. Is there any way to recover projects? Anyone else experience this?? Any and all help would be appreciated as this is a entire grade level depending on co-spaces which we love. Please see below from teacher:
Hi Friend,

I wanted to let you know that several of my students projects are virtually lost! Yesterday there were several catastrophic crashes of pretty much completed missions. I know you already contacted CoSpaces, but maybe we need to let them know I had students in tears yesterday. Ugh. Not much time left before Student Showcase.:confused:

Thanks for listening…:heart:

41, 45: These projects were essentially done! On Friday afternoon they told me their projects were almost entirely missing. These are good kids, including Polly, and everyone has a personal password now that nobody else knows. I know how detailed the projects were because I had been interacting with them, and when they showed me what was left, it was literally a bit of a building. No characters, recordings, objects, etc.

43: Portions are gone

47: we are not sure what happened. Faaron and Eli said they pushed a back key and lost a whole scene, so that could be user error?

I know…my heart is broken too. Strangely enough, I see these numbers are all odd and every other.

We noticed an occasional banner popping up in red that said saving was not happening. However, the portions that disappeared would have been saved from an earlier day. Other students said they were experiencing blocks falling down and disappearing and recordings repeating words multiple times. I know the other teachers are complaining of similar problems, but I have not spoken with them since this happened Friday.

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Do you mean spaces called “Mission” (and similar) in your students Free play? I checked students dps41 and dps45 and see a lot of work there, with a lot of characters, recordings and scripting. Their spaces don’t appear to me as completely gone. Could you please login with your CoSpaces account and confirm that content is missing from this space?

I see that last update of shared versions of these projects happened on April, 12th. And these shared versions are a way behind compared to the version in Free play. Maybe you are accessing outdated shared versions?


To update shared versions of these projects students have to press “Update” button.

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Thank you so much for the quick feedback. Unfortunately I don’t have the student passwords because things were happening so we had the teacher change passwords so I don’t have access to it as admin. Let me know if there is another way I can access their accounts as admin without their passwords. I will know first thing tomorrow morning and will respond ASAP to get this turned around. In the meantime can you explain the updating and shared versions? Our students always go to login to their account click on free play and click on their project. Is there something else they should be doing on the back end to continue working on their projects?

Christine Dixon
Innovation Coordinator TOSA
Double Peak K8 School

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You don’t have to know students password to access the project that I’ve linked. You should be able to access it with your teacher account that is linked to the same email as your forum account.

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Okay looks like this one is okay but still have deleted projects. Is there any way to get them back? Have you had this problem before where they are deleted (not by user)??

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Hi Christine,

Thanks for getting back to us!

We’re not sure these are deleted spaces, as neither you/your students or CoSpaces Edu deleted them. Most probably they’re lost due to those connection issues that you mentioned and that the red banner warned you about.
This is very unfortunate and there’s nothing we could do to bring missing content back. We are really sorry for the lost work!

Please make sure to check that your students make the latest version of their spaces available for you (e.g. the hit “Refresh” regularly).

If you need anything else, we’re happy to help!

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Same, 4 of my 18 students said their projects in “my class/ assignments” are lost. It’s a several weeks project. So frustrated!

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