Please help me!

Yeah, so, I need help @CoSpaces_Edu
I finished a CoSpace that I need to make for my class, (I am a student and not the teacher), I finished it, it is perfect, I loved it, but, today I was making something to make it more fun (it is a rollercoaster), and the screen turned black, now when I try to get in it happens the same, only in my game cause others work perfectly, I duplicated it, I tried restarting, nothing, on other browsers, nothing, I even tried in a phone and it got me out of the app! I tried everything, I can’t erase the game because it is in a classroom, not even in public, it was perfect and I can’t lost everything at this point. Probably my teacher can help me, I hope so, but help me too. Here it is my game link, it would be awesome if you could help me @CoSpaces_Edu

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You posted the wrong link.

To allow others to view your work:
You should share your cospaces and post the shared link here.

And only your teacher can share your cospace.
So please ask him to share your work.

oh! You made a request to CospaceTeam.

The general public won’t be able to see your work,
but the Cospace Team might be able to check it out.

Yeah, I’m waiting for their answer. I need this to work asap.

@NICOLAS_BAUTE_ATENCI we tagged you in the other post you made, but just incase you don’t see that, we’ve since rectified this for you! Really sorry for the issues you encountered. Let us know if you experience any other problems, though hopefully everything should be fine now.

I couldn’t see your work, ask your teacher who can help you…