Please make a Chuck E. Cheese game

Chuck E. Cheese
Please I want Chuck E. Cheese ok! And a elf one

Hi @Messiah_Bilbay,

The great thing about CoSpaces Edu is that you can design and make your own Chuck E. Cheese game!

If you were making it, what would happen in the game? What would be the goal of the game?

How do I make a Chuck E. Cheese CoSpace

What should happen in a Chuck E. Cheese CoSpace?

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Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band will sing. It will have games and pizza . Someone dressed in mascot Chuck E. Cheese

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how do you want to start building the game?

of course you need the 3d models of the carachters.

Cool - so that’s your game environment & characters sorted; now what will the player do in the game? What’s the goal of the game?