Postures not Synchronizing

Hello, I am really loving this tool! One issue I am encountering is that although moving objects synchronize across devices the postures do not. For example if I have a figure lying down on one device they stay standing in the other device. anyone else encounter this issue?

Hi @petrus4,

the Scenes are synchronised between devices in editor mode. The play modes sessions are independent. from each other.

Thank you for your response @Nikolay.

Yes this happens when in editor mode on all devices. Moving objects synch but postures do not. Is there a bug in the system?

Here are some examples of postures not synchronizing across devices.

here is an image of the space on my laptop

Here us an image at the same time of the space on my iPad:

and here is an image at the same time on my iPhone:

Yes, that is a bug. We will investigate and fix it.
Thank you for reporting it!

The bug is fixed and will be deployed with one of the following updates.

Great! Thank you @Nikolay! When will the systems be updated next?

Hello @Nikolay I am still encountering the issue can you give me an eta on the update? Can I beta test the update too if you like.

It will come with the next update approximately at the end of the month.

Ok, thank you. I am waiting to purchase because not having this feature (or having this bug) makes the product not as usable for my needs. Also if you need a beta tester for the update I’d be willing to help.

@Nikolay how will I know there is a new update? Can I subscribe to a list or?

Sure, I will let you know. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to know when an update has happened.