Pro Licence Plan pricing change?

Hello @CoSpaces_Edu, after logging in on coSpaces I found my licence had expired; Previously I could purchase a single seat for (I believe) 1 euro for a year, now it is 50 euros for the first seat specifically.

As somebody who uses cospace on his own, likes making games and helping others make theirs, I think this is just to steep for me to afford and I would find it a shame to have to leave coSpaces, the games that I made and these forums because of economic reasons.

I understand it’s a struggle to find a balace as a company especially when it comes to seat licencing like this, whereby having a price of 1 euro a piece might not be economically viable for you;
However as a suggestion I would like to throw up the idea of somehow a single or personal licence that still allows use of all of the coblocks, how exactly to proof this so that it is not taken advantage of by institutions I am not sure; But leave this up to you if you do take this into considiration.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my first steps into game design using coSpaces, and hope to be able to return sometime soon through perhaps a different plan, eitherway I am still very thankfull for the help I’ve recieved here on the forums and all of the enthusiasm I’ve gotten for my games!

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Hi @Luc,

We really appreciate your kind words and passion for CoSpaces and we totally get that the financial side of things can be tough.

Just to clarify, CoSpaces itself was never just 1 EUR, this was the cost for an add on, but we hear you on the suggestion for more affordable options for solo creators and this has been taken on board.

Please feel free to drop us an email at if you’d like further info on how the pricing worked for your account.

Thanks for being a part of our community, we hope you’ll be back for more CoSpaces adventures soon! :rocket::sparkles:

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