Python knight attach_to horse

The knight stands instead of sitting on the horse. What is the name of the knight slot for the knight to sit on a horse?

from cospaces import *
import math
import random

knight: AnimatedItem = scene.get_item("ddM7mJJZ")
horse: AnimatedItem = scene.get_item("dhHmzyOb")

knight.animation.play_looping("Ride horse")


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Hi @Medard,

The knight model was indeed missing a necessary slot. We updated the model and now it has slot with the name “Sit”. You would need to add new knight item from the library to use it.
Hope that helps!


Thanks @Kirill_Pilyugin . In fact, the knight has a new slot, but it’s called “Butt” and works fine. The rest of the characters should also be updated, because for example “Fancy girl” has a “Sit” slot, but when she sits on the bike it is too high. Similarly, “Outdoor senior man” has a “Sit” slot, but when he sits on a rowing boat, it is too low. This “Butt” slot should be in all characters that ride a horse, bike or row…

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Thank you for your feedback, we will check the character slots

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