Python newbie seeking guidance

Hi Community,

I have a student chomping at the bit to use Python on CoSpaces. I’m pretty facile with the CoBlocks, but am a relative novice re: Python. Is anyone willing to have a call or provide a Python CoSpaces 101 resource?

Thanks for considering.

It’s pretty rough out here. What worked for me was finding example CoSpaces, copying them, and reverse engineering the code syntax.

Any projects to share? Even just transforming the camera would be super helpful.

Hi @aim_mr_brillopad, in Basics Python 10, you can find some Python code about camera stuff (ray_cast, add_to_filter, remove_from_filter, teleport with z/t/c, teleport with right_mouse_button, teleport coordinates display, spawn with left_mouse_button). In the gallery#python is more to find.
The Python code tab is very intuitive and offers solutions on almost each part of the code.
CoSpaces API can be very helpful too.

This is really basic, but I took the roller coaster template and converted it to Python. Maybe this helps.