Question - another student joined my class accidentally which means we don't have enough seats anymore. We tried removing this student but we still have not recovered this seat license

How can we remove this student and get the seat back?

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Hi @Jon_Molayem

We’re sorry you’re having trouble removing a student from your class.

Below is an example of how it should look to remove a student from your class.

Once you successfully remove a student it should automatically free up space to add another one. This should do the trick but if that isn’t working for you, are you able to provide a screenshot in our direct messages of what you’re seeing so we can help you out further?



I have the same problem.
I removed a class with some students to empty my seat but they are still occupied and I need to empy them…
Help me please…

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Hey @Javier_Fernandez_Mun,

Most likely, you only removed the students from the class and not the seating. You can go into the “license plan” section to remove the students specifically.

Let me know if this worked!

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Hi @Javier_Fernandez_Mun

@Bladebob20000 is right (thanks for helping)!

If that still doesn’t work for you, please email our support team at so they can take a better look at your account for you :slight_smile: