Racing/Driving Game Tutorial

I have loved CoSpaces for a long time although I have never had the funds for pro accounts.
I’d really like to thank CoSpaces for them giving free pro accounts for education during this time of need.

With that said, I hope I can help out their community with this series of tutorial videos.
It instructs people on making a driving game which I think kids will enjoy and can easily handle.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am far from an expert in Cospaces. Especially with the coding. I doubt if I’ve used everything in the most efficient manner, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

Feel free to access the videos here:
Racing/Driving Game Tutorial


Great stuff! Thanks. Here is a lesson I adapted for a grade 5 science unit on conservation of energy (Ontario, Canada) that I created with a co-worker:

That is a great idea. I love the idea of cross curriculum uses of technology

I’d say this lesson went very well. Here are some examples of the projects my kids came up with. - Use WASD - Use WASD

It was neat to see the variations in the projects. I definitely plan on using this in the future. The only real problem is that I never found a fool proof 100% method to get the “vehicles” not to go through some obstacles.

Here are 2 more since I was limited to 2 links: - Use WASD(Cool 1st Person View) - WASD and IJKL (2 Person game with sound)