Recent Update Causes Significant Delay in 'When Key Pressed' Block, Affecting Third-Person Character Games

Hello @CoSpaces_Edu ,

A recent update has caused a major issue. There’s a 0.5-second delay when the ‘When key pressed’ block in the ‘Events’ category is executed. This delay significantly disrupts gameplay, especially when moving a third-person character using the keyboard.

As demonstrated in the video below, the response of the third-person character has become considerably slower. This makes it impossible to enjoy games that require quick keyboard responses, such as parkour games or car racing.

All users now have to completely modify any third-person character games they’ve created.

I have two questions.

  1. How can I immediately modify the code to allow third-person character games to move instantly without delay, as before?

  2. Is there a reason for intentionally adding this delay? In MIT Scratch’s block programming, besides the ‘When key pressed’ block in the ‘Events’ category, there’s a ‘If key pressed’ control block in the ‘Control’ category. So, for delay-free key operations, we use the ‘Forever > If > Key pressed’ combination. Are you planning to add a control block similar to MIT Scratch?

Looking forward to your response.

I’ve just noticed that the delay has disappeared.

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