Recommended Seat Strategy

Hi folks, I have 12 classes per week of 30 students each, for just one hour per week.
I think buying 360 seats is not ideal, especially as the students would just use the software for an hour each week.

Can anyone recommend a strategy for me? Should I get 30 seats and just have the students share the accounts? That seems like it would violate the terms of service. Would I be teaching them the wrong lesson my modeling “just buy one license and share it among many people”, it’s a bit similar to software piracy?

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@Ben_Simpson That would be a logistical headache on my end. Seeing that my logins are attached to our students Google profile, if I would share CoSpaces accounts students would have access to each others school accounts.

I suppose you could have a machine type license where you could have 30 computers in your room logged into CoSpaces when the students arrive. This way each student sits down at an assigned machine where the account is loaded and they have access to their builds. The problem would be each student assigned to that computer would have access to each others programs.

Ethically, I am sure all of this would be a violation of the terms of service both of CoSpaces and the school district technology policy.

Tough situation. You could always contact CoSpaces sales for a bulk discount. If you time it right you could always use the licenses again next year as well. I would probably take the hit and do the 360.

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