Remix & Storytelling

Hi @Coralie , @Tamara.Koehler, @JoyChen , and all CoSpacers. I would to share a nice experience and a little need. I love to REMIX interesting CoSpaces. I see this as an important way to become more expert and increase our creativity. In my teacher trainer-courses we often start with a remix. The CoSpaces Team has prepared a lot great examples and many CoSpacers are very generous in sharing their experiences. n these days I discovered a very nice cinese CoSpaces: ‘Batik Island’, the way it was realized made me curios and I wanted to discover the story behind so I translated the whole story using Google Translate. I loved to enter in a different way of seeing and telling a story, it became an intercultural experience and I would to express my thanks to the original author. Not only I would like to give an original attribution in the CoSpaces I simply remixed and translated. I don’t like it that this work now seems mine. So I ask to the CoSpaces Team to seek for a solution that #attribution can be give. For the moment I use the description option to mention when a CoSpaces is remixed. I think and hope that a new way to attribute the original author could increase sharing interesting CoSpaces with a remix possibility. I also want to invite other members of this group to explore CoSpaces from other cultures. Remix and translation a Chinese CoSpaces was a great experiences. Thanks sto all the CoSpaces who love to share their CoSpaces with amazing ideas.
Batik Island
L’Isola di Batik


Hi @astrid_hulsebosch :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this with us! You are correct that so far, it is only possible to attribute credits to objects you’ve uploaded from an outside source. I’ll relay your feature request for credit attribution about a remixed CoSpace to the team.

In the meantime, your idea to credit creators in the description is a great solution! :slight_smile: