Retrospective group creation


I’m using Cospaces with a group of students who all have accounts, they are working together on a project but until they started it I didn’t know who their partner would be. I set the assignment as individual students but some have requested working on the assignment in their own time. Sharing passwords for accounts is obviously a Nono and they have started work on their spaces so I do’t want to set a grouped assignment and have them start again.

Is there a way student A can share a space with student B so they can work on it together and separately? When I’ve tried to share so far it wants to add the space to pupil B’s free play which seems to be a duplicate rather than a collaborative space.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, was just having a play with this after reading your post.

I found if you were to copy the space (that you want to use as the group project) to my spaces.
Then navigate to my spaces, click the 3 settings dots and select “Use as assignment”.


From there it is the same as setting up any normal assignment :slight_smile:

Hope that helps


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Awesome! So I would essentially create 15 seperate assignments for “groups” of 2-3 users so that they could all work on the same space. With the starting point being the space they originally created.

Cool. I might also put a feature request in for collaborative spaces too!

Thanks for your help!