Rolling a stone ball into egyptian pins

My student is creating a game where a student randomly ends up in different worlds. One of his worlds takes place in Egypt and he is trying to create code where the player rolls a stone ball down an ‘alley’ and knocks down the pins. (Yes, Egyptians played a version of bowling). Anyway, he created pins by grouping 2 objects, therefore he cannot add physics to the pins. Is there a way around this problem?

Also when he rolls the stone it knocks over the edges of the alley. He set the mass high but it still happens some times. Any suggestions?

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Hi @TechWarriors,

Here’s a hacky solution to the physics problem: ungroup, then attach the spheres to the vase, allowing the vase to be the primary physics item, then, if you add physics to the vase, the problem is solved. And for the alleyway, you can set the walls as static to lock the location in place. Here is the fixed version:

CoSpaces Edu :: Remix of CoSpace 2

Btw, I set the mass of the bowling ball high and friction to low to test it. Might want to make invisible walls higher so that the ball cannot jump over the wall.

Hope this helped!
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Thank you Bladebob20000!

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Hi @TechWarriors!

Glad to hear that it worked! Please mark my post as the solution to help other people with the same issue.