Rotating ferris wheel

How can we get the ferris wheel to rotate around it’s own axis with coblocks? The option for clockwise doesnt make it spin the correct way.

Hi @Mary_Beth_Burns,

Can you share your space so I can see the ferris wheel you want to rotate?

You can use for that rotation the advanced turn CoBlock with axis 0,1,0.
You can remix the fixed CoSpace to explore the solution.

Hope that helps

Thank you! They will be very happy to have this working!

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how did u get the ferriswheel?

Hello. My students are trying to make a Ferris wheel) It’s spinning. After clicking the cursor on the rim of the wheel. They still haven’t solved the problem of the correct location of the basket, so sometimes people go upside down) But my students are quite new, they will think further.

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var n =new Vector3(1,0,0);