Saving Student Projects after they graduate

Hello-After a student graduates, I need to delete their account so that I can provide that seat to the new students. How can their work be saved so they can still access? Should I change their setting to allow sharing so it could be saved to the Gallery? Thanks for any assistance.

You can add their assigns ti your account

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Hi @Kate_McCarron,

If you just want them to be able to view the assignment, copy it to your CoSpaces, publish it as Unlisted, give them the Share code/link, and archive it.

Alternatively, they can do exactly the same thing, if you allow sharing on their account.

Hope that helps!


Hi @Kate_McCarron when I give an assignment at my students at the end I always suggest then to create a copy in their own account and to save the link in a portfolio, so they can see it again everytime they wish to see it. If they make it sharable / remixable creating a personal CoSpaces Account they will have it for ever (maybe school accounts will be delete after a few months) as @techleapnz mentionated you should give your students the permission to share…Second normally I create a copy in my own CoSpaces space so copies the works are ‘save’. Keep up a list with CoSpaces links and, not last but least to consider to share a good and interesting project in the CoSpaces Gallery with a remix option is another important idea. Greetings from Italy - Astrid :hugs: