Scenes load faster?


Any suggestions about how to have these scenes load faster? There’s a lot of student artwork in there, so I guess that’s what’s making it slow.

Actually, they load pretty quickly on a 2015 Macbook Air, but they are very slow on two-year-old Chromebooks. I guess it’s just computer processing power.

Hi Peter,

If you press F12 or Ctrl+Shift+i (or Mac equivalent) you’ll see the Developer Tools for your browser. If you go to the Network tab of this and press Ctrl+Shift+R you’ll see every file that is loaded and the size of each file. Your webpage/Space here is 96.8MB! Most of this is taken up with your student’s work, with most images being ~7.5MB (see img below). To put this in perspective, most webpages aim to be < 2MB.

These images don’t need to be that big in image size. I suggest reducing the pixel size of each image via Paint or Irfanview first, then optimising via and replacing the ones that are there. I reduced this image from 2048 x 2048 px to 800 x 800 px, then optimised, and reduced it from 7.5MB to 574KB.

Hope this helps!
Geoff @ TechLeap


Yeah, I knew I should have reduced the size of the pictures, but I was afraid of too much image quality loss, plus lack of time. But I will definitely do so in the future! Thanks.