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Hi everyone,

I am presenting at a conference next week designated specifically for science teachers from K-12. As they range in all areas of science I am wondering if anyone had a space to share of their own or of a student that is specific to any discipline of science.



I have seen spaces that focused on balancing chemical equations (one I am also doing this year) and I am working on a weather forecast space now. You could easily do ecosystems, food chains, planetary motion (I saw one on planets a LONG time ago in the gallery before the split). I also had kids build chain reactions similar to Rube Goldberg machine like creations that used simple machines.
There are lots of possibilities.

I did a project on the Solar System with 5th graders. Student examples, lesson plan, and resources can be found here:

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Hey Mario,

Thanks for reaching out. When is the conference? It sounds really cool! I hope it goes well. Perhaps you could also showcases the physics tool?

We have some spaces that you could use, what about these:

I’ll have a talk with some members of the team and see if they can recommend any spaces, too. You could also try reaching out to people on Twitter :slight_smile:


The physics tutorial is a bit temperamental - I’m trying to fix it now :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone much appreciated. I can think of many examples but as a technology integration mentor most of my work in classrooms has been at the entry level (getting started) or specific to another subject.

Ben, the conference is this Friday. I have 2 sessions on the go. They were capped at 30 participants per session but I am being asked to squeeze in more teachers so the numbers should be larger.

I have 75 minutes per session so we wil definitely get into some of the physics features.

I will certainly tweet so stay tuned…

If you’re interested, here is a tutorial on how to build a simple Solar System in motion using Blockly: Solar System in Blockly

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Hey, this project is still incomplete (lots more to add as a template), but I am working on a sample weather map for kids to create their own weather forecast. Feel free to share it with the knowledge that it is still being developed.