Scope and Sequence for CoSpaces and CoBlocks?

Has anyone tried to use CoSpaces with CoBlocks as the means to teach computer science standards? Does anyone have a scope and sequence for teaching the basics about CoSpaces and a logical progression for CoBlocks… as well as bringing in fair use, Creative Commons, and attribution?

Hi @Maria_ORegan,

Obviously there are various CS standards and curricula around the world, and they all have similarities, the differences usually being the timing for different age groups. How these are implemented will depend on the age group, interests, and other curriculum areas and contexts which might be integrated. is a great English-medium resource, written for the USA.

I write CoSpaces curriculum for orgs around the world, and am happy to help, if that’s what’s needed, though I realise that’s not exactly what’s being asked here.

Ngaa mihi,
Geoff @ TechLeap

Thank you. I am just looking for a scope and sequence. For example, if I were going to teach a course on CoSpaces to middle schoolers, what should I teach first, second, etc.

Thank you for the site! I appreciate it!

ISTE standards for students could be useful.

If I created a curriculum and threw it up on Teachers Pay Teachers, would this be something you’d be interested in purchasing?