Screen Recording doesn’t save video on device


I’m trying to record a video using screen recording, but when I press stop recording nothing happened, the video is not saved on the device (PC). it is really important for me. please help me find it, however I am not sure that recorded or not.

Hw can I resolve it?

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Hi @Sara,

Which screen recording software/app are you using?

Any issue with the screen recording will be an issue with the screen recorder, not CoSpaces Edu.

Geoff @ TechLeap

I used something named Screen recorder attached its picture, this recorder added into the chrome browser. After stop the recording by one click on the icon, you can save the recorded file, but in the case of me, I did double click on it and lost it. I don’t know is there a possibility the recorder save it atomically somewhere or in the recorder? I looking for it but I couldn’t find it. Please help me. That is very important for me.

If you are connected in chrome with your google account, check your google drive.
Anyway, you can use Camtasia works perfectly on PC. That’s the one I use. Good luck.

Thanks for your response and recommendation. I couldn’t find it in Google drive unfortunately

I like to tell you there is one item regarding this recorder named " inspect popup". when I open it, the following picture is appeared. Does any body know what is this? is it possible I can find the recording link here?

Hi @Sara,

I suggest clicking on the ? (question mark) symbol to find out more information about the app, as this is a commonly used icon for help & support & FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions).

Have you tried using other recorders? I’m looking for a screen recorder as well, there are a bunch of them on the net, but I can’t choose. What can you recommend?

At the end, I left the screen recorder and I had to use the Camtasia. Camtasia works for me.
Good luck

You can simply try using a Movavi screen recorder -, they offer a lot of editing options as well.

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For my PC or Mac, I like screencastify or Loom. Would that work for you? Also, try iorad as a different tool but very effective.

Have you already tried Stork? This tool provides screen recording as well. Moreover, you can use it as a messenger.