Screen Recording doesn't save video on device


I’m trying to record a video using screen recording, but when I press stop recording nothing happened, the video is not saved on the device.

Hw can I resolve it?

Thank you in advance

Hi @sk1kko,

what device are you using for video recording?

I @Nikolay,

I’m using samsung s9, same problem with another android device.


The video under Android should be saved in the path /Internal storage/->/Movies/ which can be navigated via File Manager. Please check on your device if the video file exists.

I’ve also created an usability issue for development regarding UI for video file saving after the recording.


Hi Tatiana,

thank for your support!

Yes the videos are stored in storage/->/Movies/ , but strangely I can’t see them in the gallery.

However, is ok! But the videos are mute, no audio is recorded. Do you know how can I solve this?

Thank you

Hi @sk1kko,

At the moment we support the video recording of screen without audio.

To make more usefull managing of video files the buttons “Play video” & “Share video” were implemented for Android devices, this update will be availbale with next release:

Also we will investigate the usability of path folder for Cospaces video files, thank you for the feedback!

dont know if it works or is even relevant but can [check this link]