Seat, Class and no. of students

I get a seat of pro licences + ADD on, I plan to develop three classes. How many students can I allow to join in each class?

I don’t believe there is a limit on the number of students that can join a class, however @CoSpaces_Edu will know.

Hi @Bro5

There’s no limit to the number of students per class.

Of course, the number of students you can add in total depends on the number of seats available in your license plan.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

We have 300 seats in our district and rotate many students through each seat over the course of the year. If students share their work to the library, will it still exist there after they have been removed from the district account?

Hi @David_Rogalski If a student is removed from the district account their shared work will still exist in the library. However, if the student’s account is deleted, their content will also be deleted. Hope this helps!