Selection in Sequence for CoBlocks


I would like to create an escape game with the same type of code as this one. (see image below) but this programming sequence was built with Blockly. The programming blocks of CoBlocks are very different and I can not do it. Could someone help me to reproduce this programming sequence with the CoBlocks interface? Thank you!
here is the link to the original publication:

Hi @David_Cormier,

I brought the code to CoBlocks.

Main difference is that in CoBlocks list element’s index start from 0 like in other languages. So the usage of “index” variable is changed.

Feel free to remix the sample scene and copy code from it directly to your CoSpace.

WOW! Thank you very much for this quick response, it is extremely appreciated! I would not want to push my luck, but the remix is not allowed. you are the best and you make my day. Thanks again!

Oops, now it is remixable