SetOpacity for uploaded images

I want to control the appearing/disappearing of several uploaded images. It seems that the setOpacity action cannot be applied to uploaded images but only to objects in the library. Is it true or am doing it wrong?

At the moment images don’t have the .setOpacity() method. We’re working on it though.

But if you want to make an object disappear you can use the .setScale() method instead, passing in a value less than 1 to make it smaller and passing in a value greater than 1 to make it bigger. To make it disappear call image.setScale(0.001);.

You can also set the position of an object to a place where it isn’t visible by using the .setPosition() method. For example by calling it using a negative value for the z-coordinate to put the object below the surface to hide it like this: image.setPosition(0, 0, -5);.