Sharing some student projects

I had wanted to do this earlier but things have been very busy with other projects - but finally, in my final days with the school, I can share some of the projects that my students created. All of these projects were created using Typescript with some limited CoBlocks. This course was virtual and I think only one student had a VR headset.

In this project. J and B are from two sides of the world (J is in Ontario and B is in Turkey) - and they came up with an idea to support travelers going to different parts of the world and getting a training video on the rules of the road!

In this project, A and A Explored the UNSDGs 6, 14 and 15 with how pollution can be reduced or eliminated.

In this project, N and C came up with a prototype for a Virtual school!! They made an example with Grade 3 lessons.

This last project from J^2, they did some research on mental health and shared with this project.

Thanks for having a look!!
Would like to hear any comments.


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Hi Andrew,

I’d be interested to know what age your students were. I applaud getting them to think about big issues - I tend not to do this with the age groups I teach (but should definitely be trying this out, where suitable).

The projects above are all to do with communication, and I wonder how you could encourage your students to be more effective in this regard, e.g. did/could you have user testing & feedback sessions? An interactive 3D space is a tricky medium for effective communication/engagement and requires a lot of user consideration.

Geoff @ TechLeap

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This is Grade 9-10 course - so they are about 14-15 years old.
The project is based on a half course of design and building up to this final group project. They make about 5-6 individual projects while working on the plan of this project. Since we were all virtual it was hard to do some user testing and feedback sessions - (I only taught the course once so far). They do have a mid-point pitch with some feedback and then they do a final pitch. But based on your suggestion, I would have students explore each other’s projects a little more in-depth to provide some more feedback on the project.


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