Sharing student projects with parents

Hi I would like to share the students projects with parents. Is there a way this can occur without downloading the app? can I create youtube videos for parents to see? if so, how is this done?

You can share projects as an unlisted link. I would suggest having a space to share the links with parents such as SeeSaw or Google Classroom. Or it can be emailed directly to parents.

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Thanks Ryan, only issue is that when its shared it requires parents to download the cospaces app. Trying to avoid requiring them to do that.

True. You don’t need the app if it’s opened on a laptop or computer though.

Just as @Ryan_Noonan_DETNSW mentioned, sharing the ‘share’-links with parents should not be a problem when they view the student’s creation on the web browser. They also do not need to log in with an account.

The CoSpaces app also features QR scanner (accessible via the QR - icon next to the Log in text when you start the app without logged-in account) that allows you to visit shared spaces without the need of an account.