Sitting crossed leg characters

Quick question about the pose for characters - sitting cross legged. When the characters are viewed in the space, they look really bored and put their head in one hand that’s propped on their leg. I know this is picky, but is there any way they can look more engaged instead of bored? I want to use them in a scene for an alternative setting classroom sitting on a rug for a discussion, but they all look like they’re going to fall asleep. If I choose to stop the animation, the character stands up. Thoughts?


Hi @Jennifer_Cauthers!

Currently, you can’t fine-tune the expressions of characters that play a certain animation. Right now, all facial expressions of our characters are driven by the current animation.

Other users also gave us feedback about the limited choice of mixing animations together. We’re looking into ways to make that possible in the future :slight_smile:

No problem. Thanks for the clarification at least!

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