Size of objects


Dear Cospaces Team,
I’m Maria Rita and I’m teacher of Italian and Latin Languages. I use Cospaces mainly to create scenes for storytelling but now my collegues of Math asked me to explain how they can use Cospaces to create figures of solid geometry.
I tried and thi is the result

but I can’t understand well how the “size” bottom works (what are X, Y, Z ?) Can you help me?
Thank you very much


Hi @maria_rita_manzoni,

the size-properties describe the shape of an object in 3D. X, Y and Z are axis used to place an object on a point in space.

Show axis example

The X and Y axis define the position on the ground, as seen in the picture below. They’re coloured red and green.

Here is a cube that tells us its position on the X and Y axis while it is moved around.

The third axis, Z, describes the height of the item in space. It’s coloured blue.

You can play with this example scene to get a better understanding of the three axis.

The building blocks in CoSpaces use same concept of axes as shown in the example. The X, Y, and Z represent the cube’s own axis in space. When you change the X, Y and Z values you adjust the width, length and height of the cuboid respectively.

I hope this made the use of axes in 3D more clear to you! Let me know if there’s anything left unclear.


Thankyou very much Stefan. Everything is ok now!