Sound laggy on first load, fine on reload

Hi @Nikolay / @Stefan,

There seems to be a general loading issue, or a playback issue, where the first time you play a CoSpace, the sounds lag (as if downloading on-demand), but when replayed is already cached, so plays as expected.

Q: Are sounds loaded when the CoSpace is loaded, along with all the other objects? If not, could they be pre-loaded? If they are pre-loaded already, what do you think might be the reason for the delay?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

HI @techleapnz,

thank you for noticing it. we will investigate the issue.

Does it happen with background sound or sound you play from CoBlock?

It happens for both. Thanks for checking it out, as the delay gives a poor sound experience for timed and triggered sounds.

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The workaround is to load up all sounds in a Script, using Sound.load().