Spawning items using Scene.createItem: Where can I find a list of all spawnable objects?


I’m struggeling to use the Scene.createItem() function, because I’m not sure which Object-IDs to put as the first argument.
I saw in an example about scripting the function using as the first argument ‘LP_Man’, which indeeds for me spawns a men at the desired coordinate. Now I want to spawn different things, for example Small Bicycle. But I’m not able to find a list with the corresponding Object-IDs.

Could you tell me where to find the right IDs I can use to spawn diffrent objects instead of the man i get using “LP_Man” as the first argument?

Thank you very much,
Paul from Seoul

HI @Paul_Goldschmidt,

thank you for pointing it out. We will add the list to the documentation at
For now, you can create small bicycle with the following id: “%%NIenC6Nnhcv32Rv76GkKbp98OpgZWdBoWaoFTCjLEf4”

Hope that helps